Brian Schierman

Executive Producer

With over 20 years of production experience, Brian Schierman is an award-winning Producer in both traditional and new media content. He has worked in commercials, broadcast television, long form documentaries, and interactive web and mobile applications.

Rising through the ranks on the agency side, from an Assistant Producer to the Head of Production managing a department of producers, Brian has produced everything from celebrity-driven, multi-million dollar campaigns to smaller, low-budget projects. While the nature of these jobs may vary greatly, Brian brings unwavering professionalism and respect for client budgets to each project – always striving to produce the best creative work.

As if producing on the agency side wasn’t challenging enough, Brian took a short hiatus from advertising to become a Segment Producer on Fox Television’s live cable network, FX. Serving as writer, researcher, producer, PA, and occasional animal wrangler, Brian quickly learned to juggle all of these roles, earning the show its first Daytime Emmy award.

Besides his love for film, travel and photography, Brian has fenced competitively, studied at the Culinary Institute of America and attained the rank of Eagle Scout – certainly, all useful skills for a Producer!

Brian currently lives in Manhattan with his wife and two little girls – his two most favorite
productions to date.